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The contemporary symbolism of Erwin Meijer
ERWIN MEIJER / Jan 4th, 2019   

Sculptor Erwin Meijer (1968) creates realistic human and female sculptures that possess a powerful contemporary symbolism. Its style: pure, with bright stylized lines, combined with a perfect finish to the smallest detail. His fascination for the relationship between man and nature is expressed in most of his sculptures as powerful metaphor. The sculptures of Erwin Meijer have unmistakably classic features, but at the same time they possess a very contemporary look: the ultimate fusion of classical elements and modern symbolism. 

Perfectionist pur sang
Erwin Meijer is a thinker and a perfectionist who has a constant inner urge for innovation and improvement as the main driving force. From childhood he was drawing, painting and carving all day. A future in art was a logical consequence: he studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. At first, Erwin Meijer painted mainly still lifes and human figures, with his style going through different phases. But after his first exhibition in 2002, the center of gravity of his creative expression drove to sculpture forever. Signs still he does. However, the process of sculpture is experiencing Erwin Meijer, as slow and intensive, a process that, in his opinion, is particularly good. He's just keying his creations until he's 100 percent satisfied. He usually works on multiple sculptures at once. This gives a fresh look and keeps it sharp.

The creation of the ultimate sculpture
Erwin Meijer's field of view is wide, besides, he has an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His ideas usually turn out as sketches, with most of these sketches never ending in a true picture. Only a few select ideas are actually poured into bronze. If needed, he uses a model or photography. These are used as support or starting point. The final shape of the sculpture is created by introducing subtle changes to the anatomy: making the body ranker, or even making it more voluminous, or adjusting certain details, such as the length of the neck. For Erwin Meijer, time after time, a search for the ultimate design. At the finish, the quality of the bronze and the accuracy of the cast are essential. Meijer first puts his sculptures in clay and was then poured by one of his founders in Geldermalsen, Tiel or Belgium, with whom he is in close cooperation. This collaboration is very important for the final result, because the bronze sculpture continues quite a few stages: from making the mold to the ultimate step, patronizing the bronze. Therefore, Erwin Meijer always closely tracks the casting process and, if necessary, makes corrections. Details like hands and faces, he always works on his own.

Perhaps it is this thoughtfulness and thorough preparation, which makes Erwin Meijer's works perfect, but at the same time they make original and surprising. For all of his sculptures, therefore, it is true that a good preparation is half the work.

Less is more
The sculptures of Erwin Meijer are called 'tight' and are mainly due to their pure, classic lines and perfect finishes. Precisely by the fact that so few tierelantines are added to the bronze statues, the symbolism, the story of the sculpture, is undeniable in the foreground. The viewer is wondering what the artist intended for the sculpture, because with every sculpture many interpretations are possible. Regardless of how multi-interpretable they are, the bronze statues of Erwin Meijer possess a universal, cultural and boundary-crossing beauty. Because of their powerful symbolism, they are almost impossible in their power of expression.

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More information about Erwin Meijer's work can be found on his website