Blick in die Welt hinter der Kunst

# Stay Home / Apr 5th, 2020

What happens in art now that the world has stopped?

A light-hearted look at art in this difficult time for everyone as ‘stay-in-therapy’

Peter Hiemstra models an animal head
but actually his exhibition ‘The encounter’ would now take place in the gallery. Don't worry because it will of course be seen later this year.

And perhaps with even more beautiful sculptures, if he continues at the pace of the video!
Philippe Timmermans shows how he makes his latest sculpture Spring.
Just like everyone else, Philippe Timmermans was also ambushed by Corona. He now spends the lockdown in his studio.

He invites you to witness the birth and finish of Spring, the sculpture that he dedicates with great gratitude to all people in healthcare.
Herman Tulp, meanwhile, paints a tulip,
however appropriate.

You can (hopefully) see the end result in the gallery soon.
Siemen Dijkstra has just finished a large color woodcut of a forgotten grove near the Zuidhijker Zand.

It has actually changed from a forgotten bush to a "corona-bush" , but I still see the core idea why I started this print. That's a good thing, because a lot of time has disappeared in this bush .....

This "Soul-of-Drenthe woodcut" will be shown early next year at a large exhibition of Siemen in the gallery
Herman van Hoogdalem starts a project
in which young artists visit refugees and together make drawn and written portraits of a life we do not know.
more info & support this project