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Acrylic paintings

Acrylic paint is a common type of paint, that offers the artist numerous opportunities. Acrylic paintings take very little drying time and are also extremely durable. The artist does not have to wait for days until the acrylic painting is finished whether the next layer of paint can be applied. After applying a coat of acrylic paint this can be, unlike oil, very soon painted over.

Acrylic paintings are made with synthetic paint, which is not diluted with white spirit, but with water.

Acrylic in this case acts as a binder for the different pigments, which determine the final color of the paint. The colors of acrylic paintings are becoming more striking, as more layers of paint are applied. Also acrylic lets itself blend very well with other materials to obtain certain structural effects. Painters can thus vary endlessly with color, texture and technique, resulting in extraordinarily expressive paintings. Gallery Wildevuur, located near the village of Hooghalen in the province of Drenthe, has a wide range of unique acrylic paintings by contemporary figurative artists for sale, both in the gallery and through their art shop online. We sell acrylic paintings in various shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you're looking for acrylic paintings of landscapes, images of humans or animals, seascapes and still lifes, for every taste and interior gallery Wildevuur has beautiful acrylic paintings in the collection. Walk safely at your convenience by our online gallery and get inspired.

If desired, you can also let us fabricate an appropriate list for your acrylic paintings.