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Ceramic sculptures for sale

What makes ceramic sculptures so special is that this art form like no other reflects the label 'handmade'. Using his hands, his inspiration and a piece of clay, the artist sculpts a sculpture, of which there is no second in the world. Because the enamel process turns out otherwise to each sculpture, the result is always a unique piece, with its own structure, color and character. Gallery Wildevuur has several ceramic sculptures for sale. Ceramic sculptures are not only beautiful, they often have a warm, lively look, which makes them very suitable as a decorative element for your home or garden. The word 'ceramics' comes from the Greek word 'keramos', the term for drinking vessel or earthenware vessel. The raw material for ceramics is clay.

There are many different types of ceramic sculptures for sale.

This diversity has to do with the use of different kinds of clay, and the various techniques in order to burn ceramic articles. Ceramic sculptures are formed in several stages by hand or modelling knife, after which they are dried. Thereafter, the ceramic sculpture is hardened in the oven under high temperatures. After the first heating the artist provides the sculpture of a glaze layer, after which the sculpture again enters the furnace. The result is a hard, heat-resistant and durable work of art, with a unique texture and color palette. We have fantastic ceramic sculptures for sale by famous contemporary artists such as Peter Hiemstra and Elysia Verhoeven. If you have any questions or want to visit a particular ceramic sculpture, please contact the gallery.

Galerie Wildevuur has ceramic sculptures for sale as a decorative element for your home, garden or work space, but also as a business gift, as a gift for an anniversary or other special occasion.