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Nature painting

A nature painting is a work of art in which elements from nature are depicted , such as animals, landscapes, plants or seascapes.

Through their depicted themes and used colorways nature paintings often have a soothing and space-creating effect on the environment in which they hang. The human eye likes to look at natural scenes. A nature painting can evoke the same emotion in us that we experience during a walk or a bike ride on a crisp spring day. Due to its soothing nature, a nature painting is very suitable as a work of art on the wall in a living room, dining room, hall or bedroom. But also for waiting rooms, business rooms and public areas nature paintings are a nice, neutral background.

If you are looking for a nature painting then at gallery Wildevuur you can choose from hundreds of paintings in various sizes and styles.

Of course, there is also a broad range of paintings with natural depictions. Thereby you can think of the beautiful French landscapes of Peter Durieux, the woodcuts of Siemen Dijkstra, the plant stil lifes of Joke Frima or pastoral scenes of Rene Jansen, reminiscent of the old masters. If you find a nature painting that exactly meets your expectations, you can click on the picture for background and the option of buying or viewing. Alternatively, you can choose a suitable frame for your painting at gallery at Wildevuur. Your painting will be delivered to your home. For further information on purchasing or viewing of a nature painting you can always contact the gallery.