For many years awarded
by the public, colleagues and a professional jury as the top of the best galleries in Netherlands


One of the most beautiful national monuments and models of the Amsterdam School architecture in the Netherlands and the location of gallery Wildevuur

Visit the estate Hiemstrastate where gallery Wildevuur is located.


Two passionate art lovers and driven gallerists

a film about the history of the estate told by Pascalle and Philip

Philip Wildevuur tells the history of the estate where the gallery is located in the movie Notable Monuments.

Figurative art

Pascalle Verhees and Philip Wildevuur. In daily life not only partners but also Partners in Art. Since 1992, they run gallery Wildevuur, along with an enthusiastic team of permanent employees. The estate, where the gallery is located, has been thoroughly and authentically restored by them in recent years and has become a true art paradise.

The gallery has become well-known and is considered a leader in the field of contemporary figurative art.

Pascalle and Philip have consciously decided to build a sustainable partnership with a select group of renowned artists. This to optimally present the work of an artist and to guarantee deepening, quality and continuity. This refinement is tangibly present in the many activities they undertake, such as:

changing exhibitions with figurative art in the gallery and sculpture garden

external exhibitions in collaboration with museums and fellow institutions
organizing studio visits, demonstrations, workshops and lectures
advice and guidance in the production of commissioned artwork
care of logistics, transportation and placement of art commissions
supply of frames and pedestals made for special art projects
restoration, and /or advice on the restoration of works of art

Inherent in the personality of Philip and Pascalle quality of their collection of figurative art is a priority, and they attach great importance to hospitality, trust and service to you as a guest.

They therefore look forward to welcoming you as a guest!

Pascalle Verhees tells the history of the estate where the gallery is located in the movie Notable Monuments.