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Flip Gaasendam

Impressionist paintings of poetic models and interiors.

Famed for his impressions of waiting rooms at old railway stations and atmospheric impressions of people in nostalgic interiors.



Flip Gaasendam (1957) really needs no introduction. As one of the forerunners of the new impressionism his name is already more than established and his paintings are widely appreciated and collected. This is not really surprising. In addition to his undoubted skill, his paintings namely feel pleasantly familiar and they have a nostalgic appeal. Simultaneously, his compositions evoke wonderment, which makes his work continues to fascinate.

Flip Gaasendam is a master at catching and capturing intimate moments. Whether it is a model in studio, one of his famous waiting rooms or a still life, it is always the play of light and space, the atmosphere, that is the starting point. From soft and coarse design begins his search for the right structure in shape and color. And here everything is permitted to come to the right atmosphere. Thus, the reality is secondary to the composition and brush, palette knife, wipes and hands are used to achieve the optimal expression. And that's more than entrusted to a genuine painter as Flip Gaasendam. Good for us, because now we can enjoy a new piece of inspired poetry that Flip has captured for us on canvas.

Flip Gaasendam studied at the Academy Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands.