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Portrait of Vlieland

In Portrait of Vlieland, film and painting are combined to record the history of the island Vlieland in a spoken manner. Personal memories and stories of islanders were filmed while Herman van Hoogdalem portrayed them. From 21 May, Museum Tromp's Huys presents the accompanying exhibition Portrait of Vlieland.

Herman van Hoogdalem is an artist who has painted a lot on Vlieland. A few years ago he made very intrusive portraits of demented people. Gijs Wanders held interviews with family members of the portrayed. This project resulted in an exhibition in the Drents Museum in 2013 and in a book entitled 'Faces of Dementia' published by W Books. This project clearly shows how fragile our memories are. On a sliding scale or from one to the other, those memories are gone.

This motivated Elsje de Ruijter, director of Museum Tromp's Huys, to ask Herman van Hoogdalem to portray some 10 Vlielanders who still have ten of them in a row. During the making of these portraits memories were collected earlier. These talks were recorded by Wijnand van Velzen on film. As a result, the oral history, which is still in the hands of the 70-plus-olds of Vlieland, remains as a cultural heritage.

At the exhibition, the islanders will be seen in duplicate: on the one hand 'still' in watercolor, on the other hand 'live' in voice and image. The exhibition thus becomes a combination of portrait and conversation.

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