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Dirk Bal combines balance and calm within contemporary realism
DIRK BAL / Mar 4th, 2018

Dirk Bal knows better than anyone else to combine classical and modern. This contemporary realist prefers to paint models and still lifes, or a combination of both. The background is kept rather sober, so that all the attention goes to the central subject. The result is clear, contemporary work with a very recognizable style, in which beauty and a touch of sensuality go hand in hand with peace and harmony.
Of many talents
Dirk Bal can rightly be called a versatile artist. From his teens, he began to take painting lessons in various art disciplines, such as realism, free expression and impressionism. Later he expanded his creative pallet with lessons in sculpting, imitating master paintings and expert restoration of paintings. Throughout his entire career, Dirk Bal has constantly experimented with various types of techniques. This versatility is characteristic of him and also forms the basis for his current artistic expressions.

Realist pur sang
Realism has always played a central role in the work of Dirk Bal. By finding exactly the right light, to create the atmosphere that he has in mind and the subtle play with colors, he always manages to find an intriguing balance between the everyday and the special. His works thus form an intriguing confrontation with reality. Whether it is a bowl of fruit or a fairytale, that looks dreamy to something that is just out of the picture ... the encounter of the essence, the soul of the depicted, is something that this realist does perfectly well time and time again masterfully succeeds - both on the canvas and in image form.

International interest
The years of perfecting his painting and sculpture techniques have paid off. Since 2008, Dirk Bal has been working fulltime with artistry from his home in Limburg. The calm, balance and harmony that his works radiate clearly speak a universal language, because even on the international art stage there is great interest in his paintings and sculptures.

From 2 March to 22 April you can let the harmony of the paintings of Dirk Bal work on you during the exhibition 'Realistic Seen' on the historic Estate Hiemstrastate. On Sunday March 4th from 2 pm Dirk Bal and his co-exhibitors will personally reveal and explain their latest work to you. A welcome drink is already waiting for you!

More about Dirk Bal and his realism can be found on his own website


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