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Peter Durieux: a picturesque summer with fellow painters
PETER DURIEUX / Jan 20th, 2019
In and around a beautiful house in Burgundy, in September 2018, I was invited to stay and work together with ten fellow painters.
Ten colleagues, some do not see you all day, others chose to stay in the big garden.
One day, René Jansen and I were fairly close together next to the boundary with the neighbor.
René painted and I drew.
Very nice, you look more or less at the same and you discuss each other's work.
I often tend to "fill" a drawing completely, but in this case I did not really know what to do with the bottom of the drawing. Initially I had the vague plan to mark it as a grass field, but René suggested the possibility to leave the bottom part empty so that a nice contrast would appear between empty and full. A tight plan and thus implemented. A golden tip.
Before I made this drawing, I was sitting on the little hill where the neighbor's house is standing.
On my drawing that would be somewhere on the right.
To occasionally back and stretch my legs I walked down to look at René and yes ........ I was sitting there in his painting, very well struck my position. "If only I had," said René, pointing to the separation between the upward running lawn and the darker background.
"If only I had put it higher in the plane, so that the going up was more strongly imagined." He has done it on the spot and came home from the top.
He has been hanging at home for some time now, and I am looking forward to it with great pleasure.



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