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The basin of Peter Durieux
PETER DURIEUX / Feb 7th, 2019

During my 4th year at the Academy Minerva in 1980, Piet Pijn, one of my teachers, alerted me to the work of the American painter Andrew Wyeth. He worked alternately in Pennsylvania, his native region, and in Maine where his wife came from. He is still my favorite painter.
Last year at le Coulet in the Ardèche, my eye fell on an old basin on a wall. No idea if he was already there the years before. Weathered and slightly deformed, beautiful in the low light, I thought it was a beautiful subject.
I had to think about Wyeth for a moment: basins regularly appear in his drawings and paintings. For a moment I thought "shall I do it?" Yes, just do it.

Much later I realized that I had once drawn a basin on a wall. Somewhere in the Morvan, here there is also a flower in the tub. But I did not care so much about the basin, but about the extremely tight rope. Actually, I never use a ruler in my drawings, only around it to show the frame in a pure way, but this time it is done, super tight.


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