In the manor you will find a select number of solo exhibitions a year, in which the latest artworks of an artist are presented grandly.

Sometimes there are moments that remain in mind. An initial ordinary day, that suddenly nest in the memory as a warm reminder. Visiting gallery Wildevuur can be such a moment.

Granted, the location - the vast estate Hiemstrastate - can be called idyllic. And yes, the manor in which the gallery is situated is one of the most beautiful national monuments, and paragons of the Amsterdam School architecture in the Netherlands. But probably you want to buy art, and then it's impressive collection of realistic art that makes the memorable introduction. Welcome!

The gallery that covers three floors, is since 1984 housed in the manor, designed in 1922 for a prosperous corn merchant. With passion and disciplined regularity Philip and Pascalle organize exhibitions with the latest artworks of figurative artists who are now making a name or have done so already. You can buy art of the highest quality. This gallery is not only a meeting place for artists and audience but also a benchmark for art lovers and collectors.

In addition to the changing exhibitions in the manor there is always a large collection of paintings and sculptures in stock that is presented in one of the outbuildings on the estate.

View the beautiful manor where gallery Wildevuur is established.


In one of the outbuildings on the estate you can always enjoy a large impressive collection of paintings and sculptures in stock

Buy art

Buying art is an enjoyable experience, but often also a special experience.

Because we understand this better than anyone else we take care of all possible advice and service when purchasing a work of art.

Both live in the gallery, and online via this website, you can use our extensive expertise and service and of course we look forward to additional wishes always!

Depending on your wishes when you buy art, the gallery provides a suitable pedestal for your sculpture, and an appropriate frame for your painting.

If you are unsure to buy art we offer you the opportunity to take an option for up to one week. During this period, the work can be viewed in the gallery. Viewing an artwork in the gallery is always free and without obligations..

Of course it is also possible to place a piece of art on view at your home or send it to you on sight. Sending artworks on sight to your home address questions the total purchase price as a deposit, which is refunded to you if you return the work within 14 days, in original packaging and intact..

When you decide to buy a piece of art you will receive an order confirmation with a digital invoice for the purchase price that has to be paid before delivery of the artwork.

Buying art is basically identical to buying art in the gallery. The purchased artwork will be delivered in consultation within the stated delivery time and. You are welcome to personally collect the artwork in the gallery, but of course we offer you the service of delivery at your home. For all our artworks applies free delivery within Netherlands. For deliveries abroad, we gladly inform you on the cost of delivery.


Want to know everything about buying art?

Check our Terms and Conditions that apply to all our deliveries.


Both live and online, we strive for customization and service that matches your wishes!

A new exhibition is organized. Interview in the program Bartissimo of RTV Drenthe

Watch a film about building an exhibition at gallery Wildevuur.