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Classic garden sculptures

With classic garden sculptures one thinks quickly of sculptures that resemble the marble busts of Roman and Greek antiquity. It is a fact that such sculptures, through their antique appearance, still enjoy great popularity among art lovers, but also modern garden sculptures can have a classic look, and yet be entirely contemporary. A classic imagery is of all times and is in addition to the design, in particular evident by the craftsmanship. Galerie Wildevuur, located on the spectacular estate Hiemstrastate in Drenthe, has a beautiful sculpture garden, where both modern and classic garden sculptures are on display throughout the year. You are welcome to visit us, to gain inspiration and to enjoy the unique combination of contemporary art at an historic setting.

If you have little time, or prefer online, you can simply buy classic garden sculptures in our webshop.

In our online offer, you can choose from more than 500 sculptures for your home or garden, including a large variety of classic sculptures for your garden. Galerie Wildevuur has a long-term partnership with a select group of talented contemporary sculptors. Together with them we have created a collection that meets the diverse tastes and styles from our customers. For those who prefer classic garden sculptures, it is interesting to have a look at the sculptures of artists such as Frans van Straaten, Coba Koster, Marion Visione and Anton ter Braak.

Many renowned sculptors we have included in our collection of classic garden sculptures.