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Romantic paintings

Romantic paintings grant dreamy, intimate atmosphere in the interior and are actually suitable for almost any room.

As art Movement Romanticism arose at the end of the 18th century, shortly after the French Revolution. The term romance comes from the French "romances"; the predecessor of the paperback novel. In these stories the protagonists were trying to reach a state of perfection. Romantic influences were clearly recognizable in this period statues and paintings, literature and music. The romance was in a kind of antithesis to the illumination, which immediately preceded this period. Within the visual arts the emotion, which is a subjective experience of something, was the central theme. This gave the artist space to his emotions spontaneously reflected on the canvas, which caused particularly vivid paintings.

In the webshop of gallery Wildevuur you can choose from more than five hundred exclusive paintings by contemporary figurative artists, including many romantic paintings. It may be that when you think of romance you think about a pastoral landscape or a still life; In that case we recommend you take a closer look at the works of painters like Rene Jansen or Hans Musters. Peter Durieux, Simeon Nijenhuis, Siemen Dijkstra, Flip Gaasendam and Ingrid Smuling are just a few of the famous names of which we have beautiful romantic paintings in our collection. If you find a romantic painting that fits your style, you can even chose the frame that suits you best and brings best justice to your work.

We will deliver your romantic paintings anywhere in the world safely and reliably.