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304 artworks

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Art at home

Art at home tells a lot about the occupant of the house.

Art makes a house come to live; the walls tell a story. Is it a nature lover, an extrovert person, someone who sees the world in bright colors or someone who just wants to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity by adding a certain kind of art to his or her home? There should be no doubt about the fact that art at home determines the atmosphere and character of your home. Therefore art purchases are an important decision, at least as we talk about real art. Art at home is something of lasting value, maybe will hang or stand in your home for a lifetime and which you like to let your visitors enjoy also. Cleverly chosen art adds to a home, without completely dominating the surrounding area. Furthermore, for the purchase of art it is always relevant to consider the other elements in your home. If you live in an old house or a modern house? What is the color and atmosphere of the room where the work is part of becoming part. And the extent to which the art work is in harmony with other decorative elements, which are already present?

If you start looking for art at home, you can choose the type of work, size, price and the subject.

This can help you a lot already, on the way to find the appropriate sculpture or painting for your home or apartment. Buying benefit of art in our shop is that you can browse through our vast virtual collection in peace from your own home. Are you looking for a painting? Gallery Wildevuur presents around four hundred paintings by contemporary figurative artists in the shop. We also have a virtual collection with over five hundred sculptures in various styles and sizes. If you like an artwork particularly well, you can click the artwork for further information. Should you decide to buy art for your home, gallery Wildevuur regulates all further details for you, such as making an appropriate frame or pedestal and the delivery of your art at home.