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Painting bedroom

A painting in the bedroom provides atmosphere and warmth, and can be a nice detail to watch from your bed.

As well as being attractive eye-catcher over your head is a painting in your bedroom a beautiful decorative element. A bedroom is often much more than just a room to sleep in; for many people, the bedroom is a true retreat. A lovely place of peace and tranquility, where they can read a book to relax after a busy day, or watch a movie in bed. A painting in your bedroom should not be too busy; because of the room where it hangs it can better exude an atmosphere of calm and serenity, which actually belongs to an area of relaxation and rest.

Gallery Wildevuur has a wide range of beautiful paintings in the collection, which are very suitable as a painting in the bedroom.

In this for example, you can think of beach scenes, landscapes, paintings with a model, still lifes and paintings of animals. Depending on the size of your bedroom, you can choose a more modest size, or even a larger work. With a spacious bedroom, a single painting on the wall give a beautiful, spacious effect. After all, your bedroom does not have to hang filled with art. More often is less in this respect. We invite you to see our virtual collection. Gallery Wildevuur works with a select group of renowned figurative artists such as Peter Durieux, Flip Gaasendam, Michiel Schrijver, Ingrid Smuling and Gerard van de Weerd. Every work of art from our collection is carefully selected, and already has a frame. Should you prefer another list for a painting in your bedroom, you can of course have manufactured a suitable frame for your painting.