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Sculpture gorilla

With a sculpture of a gorilla can get a piece of wild nature in the house.

Gorillas are the largest African apes. In the wild these animals live in the rainforests of Central and West Africa. The impressive males can reach a height of 1.90 m and about two hundred kilos. With their enormous strength and menacing appearance male gorillas are symbol of impress and primal instincts. Unfortunately, nowadays, these magnificent creatures also on the list of endangered species.

If you are looking for a piece of primal power as a decorative element for your home or garden, a sculpture of a gorilla is a very original way to express this. Or maybe you want a sculpture of a gorilla as a wild-animal lover or African-fan gift. Also, as a gift for an employee of an organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered species, a sculpture of a gorilla is a very appropriate choice. At gallery Wildevuur you find a few fine specimens of gorilla sculptures, such as the bronze sculptures of Frans van Straaten, one of the sculptors from whom we have included several animal sculptures in our collection. You can contact gallery Wildevuur to make a suitable pedestal for your gorilla sculpture which completely fits your personal taste and style.

Your sculpture of a gorilla is delivered free of charge within Europa after purchase.