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Bronze sculptures of horses

If you are looking for bronze sculptures of horses you might be a horse connoisseur.

If not, it might be interesting to read about the history of this noble animal. Around 5000 years ago arose a special relationship between man and horse. Around this time horses were tamed for the first time, first to ride them and later to help the man with the heavy work on the land. Horses were also used as mounts in war situations. The term cavalry is derived from the word 'Cheval', French for horse. Generals, emperors and kings had themselves portrayed on a horseback. It was the horse that expressed the high position of its rider, as being depicted on a horseback was a privilege of the ruling elite.

Are you looking for bronze sculptures of horses as a gift for a rider or a manege?

Finding the right bronze sculptures of horses depends on what you need. Do you want an elegant eye-catcher for your interior? Are you looking for an abstract horse sculpture, or just a lifelike copy? In both cases, watching the horse sculptures from the collection of gallery Wildevuur, is very worthwhile. Gallery Wildevuur has a diverse range of horse figurines and sculptures, cast in bronze by renowned sculptors such as Gerard English, Frans van Straaten and Anton ter Braak. Beautiful bronze sculptures of horses really fit any decor, but you can also place a horse sculpture as a dynamic eyecatcher in your garden. If you have any further questions or wish to commission the creation of a horse sculpture, please contact the gallery. Pascalle Verhees and Philip Wildevuur, owners of gallery Wildevuur, are happy to assist you in the purchase of bronze sculptures of horses.