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Classic paintings

Classic paintings, the term says it already, are paintings with a traditional feel which lend a classic touch to your interior.

If you're looking for classic paintings, you possibly do not have much with ultra-modern, abstract painting styles. You would rather see something recognizable in a painting, like a beautiful landscape or still life, whether you are looking for a painting that fits well with the classic look of your home. The term classicism in art refers to an art movement, which focused on the return to the classical Greek and Roman example, between the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Great painters of the Renaissance also served as a guide for painters of this period. The painted themes were often derived from the history of antiquity and certain mythological subjects.

Today the term classic paintings refers mostly to paintings which bear a resemblance to works of art from the early twentieth century and the period before.

Seascapes, landscapes, still lifes and paintings of models are examples of paintings with a classical touch. Gallery Wildevuur has included a wide range of classic paintings by various contemporary artists in its collection. Figurative painters like Peter Durieux, Simeon Nijenhuis, Siemen Dijkstra, Flip Gaasendam and Ingrid Smuling are just a few examples of well-known names, of which you can buy beautiful paintings with a classic style through our webshop. You can also search within our shop on subject, in case you are seeking for a specific theme. For further questions and advice on the purchase of classic paintings, you can always contact Pascalle Verhees or Philip Wildevuur.