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65 artworks

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Painting with frame

Galerie Wildevuur allows you to buy a painting with frame, or to choose a suitable frame yourself.

To have a painting coming to its best advantage it includes a nice, appropriate frame. At gallery Wildevuur you can choose from more than five hundred paintings with or without frame. If you have seen a particular painting with frame in our online collection, where you find the painting very beautiful but the frame suits your taste a little less, then you can also choose to let us manufacture an entirely new frame that totally suits your own taste and style. At the beautiful Hiemstrastate, where gallery Wildevuur is located, a frame shop is located in the former coach house. Our frame maker Willem Blaauw, is an internationally certified framer which repeatedly has been awarded by the branch association as one of the best framers.

Each painting with frame from our collection has gone through his skilled hands, and thus we guarantee the highest quality for all our fames.

We offer you expert advice and manufacture all your frames with the utmost care and attention. You can choose custom framing, handmade frames, or restoration of existing frames. You're looking for a painting with frame? We are happy to help with our thorough knowledge and years of expertise in the field of art and framing. Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery.