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Painting animals

If you love animals in general, or are fascinated by a certain kind of animal, a painting with animals can be a beautiful way to express artistically on your passion. Or maybe you are looking for a painting of animals, which refers to an animal that plays an important role in your own life. However, an animal painting is always a good choice, because it gives expression, liveliness and warmth to your interior. Gallery Wildevuur has a wide collection of high quality animals paintings by contemporary figurative artists for sale. For example, we have paintings of dogs, birds, native and exotic wildlife, cows and even amphibians listed in our shop.

If you want to know more about a particular painting with animals, you can click on the relevant picture.

This way you will learn all about the details of the artwork and you may make an appointment for a view of the animal painting, which has attracted your attention. Pascalle Verhees and Philip Wildevuur, owners of gallery Wildevuur, are happy to discuss the options with you. Please feel free to contact our gallery. We are happy to give you to further advice.

If required we can also provide a suitable frame for your painting with animals.