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Paintings of landscapes

Paintings of landscapes are among the most imaginative works of art.

That is one explanation for the popularity of landscape paintings throughout the centuries. A beautiful image of a landscape not only decorates the interior - paintings of landscapes have often slightly wide and calming, making them particularly pleasant to look at. Landscape paintings are usually oil or acrylic paintings, but other commonly used techniques are watercolor, charcoal or pastel. The depicted landscapes can be figurative or abstract. Common motifs are forests, hills and seascapes.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in paintings of landscapes.

The artist is fascinated by the slope of the landscape or by a particular light, which creates an extraordinary atmosphere, and takes his paintbrush in hand. For artists landscapes are grateful subjects to paint, because the painter's eye is aware of the special effect, which nature has on people. Paintings of landscapes can inspire, call to remembrance or even just stop the busy stream of thoughts in our heads. They give us a moment of reflection, an image to be literally just stand still. Galerie Wildevuur has a wide range of landscape paintings for sale, as well as in our gallery as in our webshop. We invite you for a walk along the nature on canvas, represented by numerous renowned contemporary figurative painters.