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251 artworks

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Figurative sculptures

Figurative sculptures are works of art, where recognizable subjects are shown.

Examples of figuration in sculptures are people, animals or objects. The opposite of figurative sculptures are abstract or non-figurative images: you cannot recognize what the sculpture represents or the image is open to interpretation. Gallery Wildevuur has included an extensive collection of figurative sculptures in her art collection. With us you have a choice of hundreds of figurative sculptures, in various sizes and styles. We work with a select group of renowned figurative sculptors such as Frans van Straaten,Jan de Graaf, Marion Visione, Coba Koster and Gerard Engels. Along with these and other well-known contemporary artists, gallery Wildevuur has assembled a unique collection of figurative sculptures that provides enthusiasts a diverse pallet of options, from tiny to very large, with sculptures of people, animals, landscapes or objects, to name just a few.

It is also possible to have figurative sculptures custom made for you and to hand-pick a pedestal for your sculpture.

Please contact us for more information. If you want to know more about the artist or the genesis of the sculpture, we can provide you with all the background information. Empathize with the design, the creative process and the underlying inspiration of figurative sculptures, can make the purchase of such a sculpture to a special, unforgettable experience. Something you can always think back on, if the work of art once adorns your home or garden.